Sandusky's son: He molested me too; Update: Jury wants to hear McQueary's testimony again

He says, via his lawyer, that he was prepared to testify. The prosecution didn’t call him.

Why not?

Matt Sandusky, through his attorney Andrew Shubin, said that he met with prosecutors this week to say for the first time that he is a molestation victim of Jerry Sandusky, his adopted father. Matt, 33, was adopted by Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as an adult, after going to live with the family as a foster child.

He has denied ever being abused by his adopted father until now. “This has been an extremely painful experience for Matt and he has asked us to convey his request that the media respect his privacy. There will be no further comment,” Shubin said in a statement.

Shubin also said Matt was prepared to testify truthfully at trial, if called by prosecutors. It is unclear why he did not testify.


Any reason to believe this, aside from the fact that we just got done with a trial at which eight different witnesses claimed they’d been abused too? Sure, lots of reasons:

[Last year], details emerged that Matt Sandusky had attempted suicide just four months after first going to live with the couple in 1995. He had come into the home through The Second Mile charity, which Jerry Sandusky founded, and was first a foster child before being legally adopted.

During testimony last week, an accuser known as Victim 4 said Matt Sandusky was living at the Sandusky home at the time he stayed there overnight.

When asked by prosecutors whether Jerry Sandusky ever engaged him in a soap battle in the showers, he recounted the time when he and Matt Sandusky had been playing racket ball. After they were done, he said, they went back to a locker room. Matt got undressed and got into the shower and then Victim 4 and Sandusky followed him in there, he testified.

I’m not sweating the verdict, mainly because his big defense argument was to accuse the cops of somehow pressuring the alleged victims into embellishing their stories. All eight of them, broken by police intimidation, until they were willing to take the stand — under their own names — and accuse a revered football coach of being one of the filthiest degenerates on earth. Okay. (This is the same defense team, mind you, that thought it was a good idea to let Sandusky do a credibility-destroying interview with NBC before the trial.) As unlikely as that is, it would have looked even unlikelier with Sandusky’s own son testifying to back up the rest of them. How come it didn’t happen? Did the prosecution figure that they already had enough from the other witnesses such that it wasn’t worth putting Matt Sandusky on the stand to be grilled about his abuse and suicide attempt? Or did they figure that he might not be credible because he had, after all, allowed Sandusky to adopt him as an adult? Mystifying.


Matt Sandusky’s not the only alleged victim going public. Verdict tomorrow, maybe?

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Update: Okay, now I’m starting to sweat the verdict. A little.

The jurors deliberating child sex abuse charges against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky have asked to rehear testimony from two witnesses.

The jurors want to listen again to the testimony of Mike McQueary, a onetime Penn State graduate assistant who reported seeing Sandusky assault a boy in a shower. They also want to rehear the testimony of Dr. Jonathan Dranov, who testified that McQueary gave him a different account of what he saw.

Sandusky’s facing 48 counts, so even if he’s acquitted with respect to the charges against the victim whom McQueary says he saw in the shower with Sandusky, he could be convicted on dozens of others.

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