Video: There sure were a lot of plot holes in "Prometheus," huh?

To cleanse the palate, nerd candy from one of the Internet’s legendary nerds — Mike Stoklasa, a.k.a. “Harry Plinkett,” a.k.a. Red Letter Media, a.k.a. the guy behind those brilliant two-hour takedowns of the “Star Wars” prequels. He’s famous for video critiques of bad sci fi that end up being more entertaining than the movies themselves. I haven’t seen “Prometheus” yet but, based on the reviews, I’m guessing this fits that description.

If you’re hoping to avoid either profanity or spoilers (lots and lots of spoilers), go no further. Exit question: Was “Prometheus” really so bad? 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes would be respectable for most films, but that’s awfully disappointing for an “Alien” prequel from Ridley Scott.

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