Video: Perry booed at Texas GOP convention for mentioning Dewhurst?

A snapshot of sentiment among the base as the Dewhurst/Cruz primary run-off approaches. Perry wasn’t booed throughout, of course; he received “roars of approval and applause” during most of his speech. This was the only discordant moment, apparently, and man, is it discordant. Look at it this way, though: Only a pol who’s totally secure in his standing with conservatives would be willing to defy tea partiers by endorsing Dewhurst and then touting him in circumstances like these. No one gets to be governor for 12 years by accident.

Two vids for you, the first of the booing and the second of Perry cheekily offering an alternate interpretation. Exit question: Are they saying “boo” or “Dew”? Or “Cruz”? Or “Boo-urns”?