Video: S.E. Cupp and "The View" slam "Hustler"

Via Greg Hengler, a cleansing bit of feelgood bipartisan solidarity after yesterday’s sleaze. Has anyone on the left actually defended the “Hustler” stunt, incidentally? Hasselbeck says here that she can’t get NOW to pick up the phone (yet), but the only liberal willing to go to bat for Flynt that I’ve seen is this miserable has-been. Did I miss any others?

Yesterday’s deep thought from the man responsible was that the photoshop of Cupp is “satire,” even though it’s unclear to everyone what’s being “satirized.” Here’s today’s deep thought, which is a lot closer to satire than yesterday’s was:

In an interview with Reihan Salam for Vice magazine, pornographer Larry Flynt reveals that he’s now a hardcore supporter of President Obama’s just two years after calling Obama an “ineffectual wimp” for giving in too much to Republicans.

“I think President Obama has overperformed,” Flynt says. “He got handed on his platter when he became president more than any president in history ever had to deal with…. I think he’s done a marvelous job.”

Two clips for you, the first from “The View” and the second, via Mediaite, of the “Red Eye” crew wondering whether she can sue. The moment when Cupp talks about feeling ashamed despite having done nothing at all will break your heart. If it’s any comfort to her, and I’m guessing it’s not, there’s nothing personal in what “Hustler” did. If they hadn’t used her image, they would have used Michelle’s or Ann Coulter’s or Ann Romney’s or some other conservative woman’s. It was an attack on all; she just happened to be the one who took the hit. There’s a funny bit of truth too in the other clip when Gutfeld describes freaking out years ago after he found out his sister’s boyfriend bought “Hustler” instead of “Playboy.” The striking thing about the photoshop is that, even in the context of a porn mag, there’s no pretense made that it’s supposed to be titillating. It’s pure degradation, explicitly designed as punishment for her politics. That’s the same vibe that made Greg shudder, even as a kid.

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David Strom 6:41 PM on January 26, 2023