Old tone: South Carolina AFL-CIO president beats pinata with Nikki Haley's face on it

According to Dave Weigel, the guy who recorded it and uploaded it is a progressive. This is something he and the local union brain trust actually wanted people to see. On the other hand, none of the Democrats present referred to her this time as “Sikh Jesus.” Thank heaven for small favors.


“Do you think we can get this video pulled,” asked a national AFL-CIO official in an email to Palmetto State union sources.

The author of the email also worried the video might get “picked up by tea partiers, maybe even Haley herself, to attack labor again.”…

Pro-union sources in South Carolina say they aren’t worried about the video.

“[Haley] has been whacking at us since she realized how much money the business PACs can contribute in South Carolina,” DeWitt tells Free Times. “We felt justified in taking a whack back.”

Where does this fit on the spectrum of union leaders acting like cretins in their politicking? I’m going to say it’s worse than a teachers’ union official joking about praying for Chris Christie’s death, roughly as bad as James Hoffa talking about taking out those tea-party sons of bitches, but not nearly as bad as Richard Trumka once hinting darkly that those who hire replacements for striking union workers are playing with matches and apt to get burned. But your mileage may vary. Click the image to watch.

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