Oh boy: New plagiarism found in book co-authored by Elizabeth Warren in 2006? Update: Or did other author plagiarize from Warren?

Go look at the side by side comparison that Katrina Trinko found. Or at least, I assume she found it; maybe it was passed along to her by someone who’s now aggressively looking into this stuff for the Brown campaign after the apparently plagiarized recipes came to light. The good news for Warren? She co-authored the book in question so she can blame it all on her partner if she wants. The bad news? Her partner on the book was … her own daughter. Good lord, this is turning into a rout on the order of Little Bighorn. Except, of course, in that case the Indians won. And they were real Indians.

Until now I’d been thinking that while the Fauxcahontas stuff was fun and the plagiarized recipes interesting, it’s probably all too small-ball to really hurt her in a state like Massachusetts. We’re talking about people here who elected Ted Kennedy to the Senate seven times after Chappaquiddick, never with less than 58 percent of the vote. Said Dan McLaughlin of Red State, “Homicide? Pederasty? Brother is state’s top mobster? Roommate’s running a brothel? MA Dems have been there, done that.” Indeed. If Warren drove Scott Brown into a lake and left him for dead, she’d be a lead-pipe cinch in November. But … I don’t know. Massachusetts wasn’t supposed to elect a Republican to “the Kennedy seat” and yet they did. Maybe times have changed. Her problem is that she’s not just dealing with one fiasco anymore, she’s dealing with two, first her ancestry and now, more seriously, apparently lifting passages from other people’s work. That’s multiple data points for the proposition that she’s a phony and a cheat. Luckily for her, this is all starting to pop late on Friday afternoon such that it’ll be buried over the weekend. But if someone digs up more plagiarized passages from her work next week, she’s in real trouble. I wonder if Massachusetts Dems are already starting to huddle about possible replacements on the ballot.

Update: Trinko reported that Warren’s book came out in 2006 and the book she allegedly plagiarized from came out in 2005. That’s true — of the paperback version of Warren’s book. According to Amazon, though, the hardcover came out on March 1, 2005 — seven months before the book she supposedly plagiarized from. Assuming those dates are right, it’s her writing that was lifted by someone else, not vice versa. Sorry to Warren and our readers for passing along apparently bad info, and good work by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski to catch this.

Update: And here’s Trinko’s correction.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on January 31, 2023