Bold new critic of Obama's class-warfare nonsense: People are calling me a Nazi for thinking I already pay my fair share of taxes

Cheer up, Jon. If they weren’t calling you a Nazi for that, they’d be calling you a Nazi for appearing on Fox.

After multiple Lovitz posts, the first half of this segment will be familiar to you, but at least watch the second half for when Kelly plays devil’s advocate by giving him the Elizabeth Warren “we’re all in this together” pitch for tax hikes. Even now, after watching three or four interviews with him on this subject, I’m not clear on whether his big problem with O is wanting to raise taxes on the rich or simply the rhetoric used to justify raising taxes on the rich. Lovitz is, I believe, a longtime liberal; did he have some major problem with Bill Clinton’s 39.6 percent top bracket? Kind of an important topic since we’re seven and a half months from reverting to those rates unless President Serious gets something done with Boehner beforehand.

Exit question: Has Lovitz considered reducing his tax burden by leaving Athens on the Pacific?

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