Report: Obama friend who allegedly tried to bribe Rev. Wright is same crony who just got $5.9 million HHS contract

Via the Daily Caller. Remember, the stories in the news yesterday about Wright being bribed in 2008 never named the person who supposedly made the offer. Wright is quoted as saying that it was “one of Barack’s closest friends” but without a name it’s hard to tell if that’s anything more than a bitter ex-mentor making something up to hurt his protege. A day later, though, here’s author Edward Klein on Hannity’s radio show providing the name after all: Allegedly it’s Eric Whitaker. That’s the same guy who runs the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Michelle Obama got her big six-figure promotion coincidentally shortly after The One was elected to the Senate; the same guy who got a “glowing” reference from Obama for Tony Rezko, which led to Rod Blagojevich hiring Whitaker to be the state’s public health director; and the same guy whose UHI program just got nearly $6 million from HHS as one of 26 grantees in an applicant pool of 3,000. Given the closeness of Whitaker’s relationship with the Obamas, if in fact he tried to offer Wright a bribe, does anyone seriously doubt it was at The One’s behest? Only an idiot would try to go over a presidential candidate’s head and offer a bribe on his behalf unsolicited given the risk of scandal to the campaign and Whitaker, with postgrad degrees from Harvard and U of Chicago, is very far from an idiot. I want to hear Carney pressed about this, and I also want to know a lot more about that HHS grant. Assuming Klein is correct, just how many political favors have Whitaker and the most transparent administration evah done for each other?

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