Audio: Michael Moore covers "The Times They Are A-Changin'" for the new "Occupy" benefit album

Via CNS. Reasons to believe that this is real: The “Occupy This Album” benefit project has been in the works for months, with reports that Moore would sing on it surfacing as far back as last November. A news release about it appeared on the wires just this afternoon. And let’s face it, the voice does sound like his.

Reasons not to believe this is real: If you were going to parody the idea of Michael Moore singing for “Occupy,” this is precisely the song you’d choose and this is exactly how it would sound. It’s like a lost track from “A Mighty Wind.” Trey Parker and Matt Stone would reject it on grounds that it’s too far over the top as a goof on the hippie nostalgia that runs through the movement.

And yet, here we are.

Two clips for you, one of the track and the other via the Washington Free Beacon of select occupiers expressing their feelings about Obama. Given public reaction to OWS these days, their reaction to him must be music to The One’s ears. No pun intended. Content warning.

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