Confirmed: Not much difference between "bad lip-reading Joe Biden" and the real Joe Biden

To cleanse the palate, gibberish as only Joe could deliver it — with a funny raunchy streak that’s true to Biden the caricature but not Biden the man. It’s not unusual to see sex jokes used as part of a goof on him; the Onion likes those in its own Biden stories, either as the main gag or as a subplot. Why is that? Unless I’m forgetting something, he’s never had a sex scandal. I think it’s more a function of his persona: The hair plugs plus the slightly unctuous easy charm, replete with occasional use of lingo like “man” to punctuate his thoughts. (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, man.”) He’s got the superficial attributes of an aging bachelor who’s still on the prowl, even though of course he’s not. All he needs is a gold chain and he could either be selling used cars or starring in the film version of “Leisure Suit Larry.” Typecasting.

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