More Ryan: Obama's getting "more partisan and desperate by the day"

I posted his written statement earlier but you deserve to hear from the man himself after he enjoyed an ol’ fashioned smearing by our leader on national television today. First, his reaction at ABC News:

“Desperate and demagogic is how I would describe his speech in two words,” Ryan said. “Unfortunately we’ve become accustomed to this kind of rhetoric from the president. I feel like it’s Groundhog Day, except it’s April. He essentially said the same thing last year.

“His speeches are becoming more partisan and desperate by the day and his attempts to divide the nation and to distract people from his own failure to lead — I just don’t think are going to work,” he continued. “I think people are smarter than that.

“The president’s attacks on our budget are as disappointing, as revealing as his attacks on the Supreme Court,” Ryan said. “It seems that he takes anyone questioning his vision of limitless government as a personal affront and he’s lashing out. That’s hardly the kind of leadership we were expecting when he ran for office.”

Second, click the image to hear him describe for Mark Levin the trainwreck that’s going to destroy the insurance industry once ObamaCare starts rolling out in two years. There’s a bit of suspense in Wisconsin tonight as I write this: It’s Ryan who’s introducing Romney for his big victory speech, so Twitter’s already buzzing about whether Mitt will take Obama on over his “social Darwinism” crapola today. Presumably he has no choice, as Ryan insisted to ABC when asked about his budget that Romney “wants to take this to the country.” If he ignores today’s fracas in his remarks, it’ll be a bad omen for the general.

Exit question: Should we be glad that Pelosi, at least, is starting to be a tiny bit more honest about what a Hopenchange model of government would require?

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