Romney hits Obama: Russia is our "number one geopolitical foe"; Update: Video fixed

An odd line in the course of an otherwise solid attack on Obama’s dumb “hot mic” comment this morning. As you’ll see, he has something specific in mind with the term “foe” and it’s not equivalent to “threat,” but I think most people who see the soundbite version of this clip will understand it that way and come away puzzled. If you gut-check Americans on what our biggest foreign-policy problem is, the answers you’re most likely to get, I’ll bet, are Iran, Pakistan/Al Qaeda, and China. Russia is, as Romney says, frequently a stumbling block to America’s agenda abroad — look no further than Syria — but I think most of the public sees it as a fading power whose primacy of place in U.S. threat assessments was lost after the Cold War. Seems odd for the presumptive GOP nominee to suddenly name them public enemy number one.

Doesn’t much matter, as the point here is to attack Obama, not Russia, and Romney does a good job of it. Can’t wait for that first Romney/Putin summit, though. Oh well: At least our “number one geopolitical foe” won’t be surprised when European missile defense is suddenly back in vogue.

Update: Sorry, had the wrong video posted initially.

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