Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: I totally didn't say that thing that I said on camera on television last year

To cleanse the palate, fun and games via MRC TV with America’s favorite lifelike talking-points robot. I’ll give you two theories on what happened here. One: She had just finished speaking at a forum on a different topic and was confused by the question, thinking that the MRC interviewer had misheard something she said. Then she realized no, this was in reference to something else and she was about to be put on the spot, which meant it was time to smile, turn, and quickly walk away. Two: The sudden change of subject from women’s history month (the topic of the forum) to her cheap, lousy attack about the GOP bringing back Jim Crow caused a momentary glitch in her talking-points processing software and she shorted out. She went back to DNC headquarters for repairs and now she’ll be happy to explain if you’d care to listen why Mitt Romney is dead set on returning us to the antebellum dark ages.

Exit question via Jonah Goldberg: Don’t Democrats want to incentivize people to apply for photo ID? Whether you vote or not, it’s kind of important to have if you want to participate in the economy.

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023