Obligatory video: "Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?"

Not so much “funny ha-ha” as “funny I-can’t-believe-how-long-it-must-have-taken-to-edit-this-thing.” It’s virtuosic, although the cuts come so fast and furious that if you don’t know the Eminem track on which it’s based (and since our readers skew older, I’m guessing many do not), you’ll miss half the joke and might have trouble following along. Even so, stick with it. It’s clever enough to warrant repeat viewings.

We need an entree to go with our video dessert here so here you go: Is Mitt Romney, of all people, really sniffing at delegate math as the province of “insiders”?

“I know a lot of people will talk about delegates and strategies and math and that’s all very interesting to the insiders,” Romney said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” “But I think the American people want to see someone who has the leadership, skill and experience to defeat the president, and a vision of conservatism that will get American back on track again.”

But rewind to Tuesday when he told reporters ahead of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries: “This is all about getting delegates. If the polls are right, we’ll pick up some delegates. That’s what it’s all about.”

Later that day, after Santorum won both states, Romney said in a written statement that he was “pleased that we will be increasing our delegate count in a very substantial way after tonight.”…

In an interview on Fox News Wednesday morning, Romney echoed his campaign’s point about the delegate math: “Oh, and by the way, last night I got more delegates than anybody else.”

Good lord. The flip-flops are now coming just days apart. What happens in a few months when they’re merely hours apart? Is it like contractions, a sign that something dramatic’s about to happen? Maybe it signals the beta release of Romney v5.0.

In fairness to Mitt, it’s actually Santorum who’s spent too much time lately mumbling about delegate counts. Note to Team Sweater Vest: If you get blown away tonight in Illinois, which seems increasingly likely, you can probably stop counting.

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