Bill Ayers: Breitbart was a radical right "bombthrower"

Via Guy Benson, look out for the part where the Weatherman turned bombmaker turned fugitive accuses Breitbart of having had “several screws loose or missing.” Before I watched the clip, I thought maybe Ayers was slyly/darkly joking in using the term “bombthrower,” but no. He’s reading, a bit monotonously, from prepared remarks and betrays no sense of irony when he comes to that part. It’s a nifty microcosm of the left’s sensibility on “Occupy” versus the tea party. One of those movements is known for campsites filthy with drugs, assaults, and other crimes, yet it’s the other that’s smeared as intrinsically violent for something it had nothing to do with.

The best part of this vid is that it’s an excuse to post an excerpt from Matt Labash’s farewell to AB recounting the dinner at Chez Ayers:

As it happened, Breitbart was on his best behavior. “I’m here to learn,” Andrew said facetiously. It was part of the pleasure of keeping company with him. He wasn’t just a friend, he was a co-conspirator. Once we arrived at the apartment, much to Andrew’s and Ayers’s chagrin, they got along famously. Just two guys having dinner, finding commonality, even if Andrew regarded it his hidebound duty to passive-aggressively heckle Ayers as he served us plates of hoisin ribs and farmhouse cheeses. (“This is the bomb, Bill,” Breitbart said to the former explosives-rigger.)…

Though the dinner took place on Super Bowl Sunday, Ayers and co. abruptly dismissed us before halftime, leaving our plan of attack only half realized, as we were attempting to ease into the evening like gentlemen and polite dinner guests. When we adjourned to the Drake Hotel bar to catch the end of the game and commiserate about how we got rolled, or “community organized” as Breitbart put it, I still had a list of Ayers questions that needed answering. So as I ticked through my list, I asked Breitbart to help fill in the blanks, in character, as Ayers. He eagerly obliged.

Me: “Who taught you how to make bombs? And could you still rig one up if pressed?”

Breitbart, as Ayers: “That’s interesting. I’d like for you to try this Chilean sea bass that’s been encrusted with a special Phyllo dough.”

Follow the link for AB’s reply when Ayers mentioned the gay subtext in “Moby Dick.” His last joke on the left is how he deprived them — not entirely, but to some degree — of hurting people’s feelings on the right by insulting him after death. If Breitbart hadn’t been Breitbart, watching Ayers accuse him of having a screw loose or some random lefty screeching with joy about his death on Twitter would sting deeply, but knowing that AB reveled in exposing liberal nastiness towards him makes it hurt much less. I still think “you lousy bastard” when I see one of his enemies swipe at him, but always and instantly thereafter: “Breitbart would have gotten a kick out of that.” Imagine his reaction to this tool, of all people, obliviously describing him as a bombthrower. Pure hilarity.

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