Video: The obligatory "dad shoots daughter's laptop for writing disrespectful Facebook post" post

To cleanse the palate. It’s obligatory twice over, once because it’s going mega-viral and twice because this is basically just a variation on those controversial police taser clips that get 800 comments whenever I post them. The disciplinarians among us will defend this guy just like they defend the cops in the taser vids whereas our resident softies will tut-tut the authority figure for an over-the-top abuse of power. I’ll leave you to guess on which side I, a noted RINO candy ass, come down.

Why did this guy post this online? He’s going to teach his daughter a lesson about airing family grievances on a public forum like Facebook by … airing his own family grievances on YouTube? And doing it with a sensational flourish at the end that’s guaranteed to multiply the audience for his daughter’s Facebook post by 10,000? I think Ace is right. Feels like a stunt.