Video: Would-be Secretary of State now doing Indian accents when talking about call centers

Via National Journal, a new bit he’s working on as part of the “Indian accents” segment of the stand-up routine that is his political career. (If I’m not mistaken, “Indian accents” debuted on Biden’s double live album “Clean and Articulate.”) This is one of those gaffes where I feel obliged to mock him in the interest of fair play, because I know a Republican would be roundly pounded for doing the same thing, even though there’s really nothing malicious in what he says. He’s talking about call centers being outsourced to India and that is, kinda sorta, an Indian accent he’s attempting (although not a derisively over-the-top one), and so therefore … what? He hates Indians? C’mon. No man with hatred in his heart could get this excited about Indian immigrants working at 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts.

Remember, this guy’s dream job is to be chief diplomat of the United States.