Good news: Tebowmania now inspiring 80s pop stars to re-record their hits

A curio via TimTeblog to cleanse the palate before tonight’s results start rolling in. I’m using the term “pop star” here loosely but the song is famous enough that you’ll recognize it instantly. And yes, that’s really Parr on vocals. Quote: “I was inspired by Tim Tebow so I wanted to modify the lyrics…in his honor of the way that he lives his life as being a great example.” They’re going to play this in Indianapolis next month after TT scrambles 31.6 yards on the final play to beat the Packers by a point. Electric.

Speaking of 80s pop, I’ve tacked on the dismal new single from a reunited Van Halen. Semi-reunited, actually: Roth is back but Eddie Van Halen’s adult son is now in on bass instead of Michael Anthony, just in case you needed a physical reminder of how old this group really is. Note the line at around 3:12 about standing up for unions, too. If there’s one thing I want from a Van Halen reunion, it’s politics.

Exit quotation: “The quarterback recently told The Associated Press he’s been asked by more than one of the contenders for his support. He wouldn’t name names, but did say he’d declined the offer.”