Video: Tebowmania

We’re 25 hours late with this, but oh well. It’s still newsy for the three readers who haven’t yet seen the game-ending TD in endless rotation on ESPN today.

Can you root for Tebow if you’re not a believer? I do, but his religious identity is so key to his persona that it feels odd to endorse Tebow the player without endorsing Tebow the evangelist. It’s like listening to gospel music: You don’t need to believe in order to enjoy it, but if you don’t then you’re relating to the material in a completely different way than most devotees. I like him because I like underdogs and because he plays with heart even though he’s far from being a top-tier QB — far enough, I think, that he probably won’t be a starter for long. But he’s a phenomenon right now and that’s always fun in sports, especially when it involves underdogs. Having the Broncos in the Super Bowl would be insane. Here’s hoping.

As for all the 3:16 coincidences — and there are more of them than you think — I’m unimpressed. Although if Brady throws for 666 yards next week then, admittedly, I’ll have to rethink some things.