Obama: I don't want to say gridlock is all the Republicans' fault, but it's all the Republicans' fault

A piece of sour candy for you to chew on, split into two clips, as debate time approaches. Clip one is of The Adult In The Room blaming Congress’s problems on those bullheaded Republicans, for whom “compromise is a dirty word.” Which is interesting, because not only is news breaking as I write this that the GOP’s reached a deal with Democrats to keep the government funded for another nine months, but in the single most dramatic standoff between the two parties since Obama took office, it was him and his side that walked away from a grand bargain which Boehner and Cantor had already agreed to accept. If he’s so gung ho for compromise, how about creating a few thousand jobs by compromising on that Keystone pipeline?

Clip two is Baba Wawa challenging him on his already infamous statement that he’d rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-termer. That’s been a transparent lie since the moment he said it, of course: Review his record, starting with his cowardice on entitlement reform, to see how all-important it’s been to him to maximize his reelection chances at the expense of truly beneficial policy compromises. Left and right can find rare common ground, I think, in saying that hopes for a really good single term are long gone, but good news: O’s new ambition is to be … “a really good two-term president.” Which must mean he’s aiming for one mind-bendingly amazing second term.

Exit quotation: “I do think those dynamics are making it more difficult to get things done… And it’s not unusual, after such a severe economic crisis like this, for the politics to be impacted by that, for people to lurch into extremes, or to get more combative.”

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