Bill Press: It's time for Tebow to STFU

Via Radio Equalizer. When the Broncos nip the Packers in the Super Bowl on a miraculous, last-second, 85-yard mad dash from scrimmage by one Mr. Tim Tebow, this guy will be cast straight into the lake of fire. Along with me, of course, because that’s what happens to the atheist Jets fans in the End Times.

I honestly don’t understand why it’s objectionable for Tebow to thank God in his post-game interviews but not for every halfwit at the Grammys to do it when accepting their award. The only obvious difference is that it’s clear from his lifestyle that Tebow really means it whereas with other celebs it often seems like more of a check-the-box thing. Reminds me of the concept of “ceremonial deism” in the Supreme Court’s church-and-state jurisprudence: Sometimes the state can get away with a reference to God — so long as it’s clear that they’re not taking it too seriously. Somehow Press has ended up at a place culturally where the ceremonial deists are acceptable but the sincere believers need to STFU. How come? Agree with him or not, at least you can respect Tebow for meaning what he says.