Gingrich: I'll make John Bolton Secretary of State; Update: Newt up big in IA, SC, FL in new CNN polls

Via Mediaite, how much redder could this red meat be? The answer is none. None more red.

Who cares if it’s kinda sorta illegal to promise appointments as a candidate? Bolton’s a rock star among righty hawks and Newt knows it only too well. Dude,
I think he might have just sealed the deal. Just one question: Would a Secretary of State Bolton get confirmed by the Senate? Granted, the GOP will probably have control next year, but the Democrats fought Bolton’s UN appointment under Bush tooth and nail. Their base would go berserk if they didn’t filibuster. And they might not have to: If the GOP’s margin is 51/49, say, it’s possible the Dems would peel off Susan Collins and Murkowski and beat him straight up. Gingrich realizes that too, I’m sure (as does Bolton), which is why he’s comfortable making this promise. For a variety of reasons, it’s unlikely he’d have to follow through.

Update: Brand new from Time and CNN, Gingrichmania is officially on. I’m thinking he might break 60 percent in South Carolina and Florida once this Bolton soundbite starts circulating.

Iowa: Gingrich 33 — Romney 20
New Hampshire: Romney 35 — Gingrich 26
South Carolina: Gingrich 43 — Romney 20
Florida: Gingrich 48 — Romney 25

Full results here. Needless to say, if he wins Iowa, those New Hampshire numbers will start to move. Is Newt going to … run the table?