Archbishop of Canterbury: Let's face it, Jesus would be part of the Occupy movement

Really? Didn’t Jesus have a job?

Blessed are they who took out $150,000 in student loans to get a degree in Marxist Semiotics.

In a British magazine, the leader of the world’s 78 million Anglicans worldwide insisted that Jesus would be “there, sharing the risks, not just taking sides.”…

In his article written for the Christmas edition of the Radio Times magazine, the archbishop said Jesus was “constantly asking awkward questions” in the Bible.

In the St. Paul’s encampment, Williams added, Jesus would be “steadily changing the entire atmosphere by the questions that he asked of everybody involved — rich and poor, capitalist and protester and cleric.”

The archbishop said that when Jesus said “give Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” he was asking “what’s the exact point at which involvement in the empire of capitalist economy involves you fatally.”

The first question to be asked: “Can everyone please stop crapping on the floor of the cathedral?” He’s actually not the first Christian authority to nod at the Occupy movement — the Vatican’s Pontifical Council released a critique of the global financial system a few weeks ago that seemed timed to capitalize on the global attention to OWS — but I’m intrigued by his read on rendering unto Caesar, as that’s unfailingly cited by Christians on our side of the aisle whenever liberals claim Jesus would be a tax-and-spend redistributionist liberal. He seems to be suggesting that “Caesar” isn’t the state but capitalism itself, and that because “Caesar” wants more than what belongs to it, we have to deny it by turning to — what? Christianity? Higher taxes? A dingy tent city in front of St. Paul’s? Why would Jesus want to become an occupier instead of getting the occupiers to become Christians? Ever get the feeling that Rowan Williams isn’t totally confident in his own belief system?

Exit question: Is Obama maybe just trying to help the rich get into heaven? Look out for an “eye of the needle” reference in his next big class warfare speech!