Meghan McCain: Second look at Bachmann?

C’mon, I had to post it. Alternate headline: “Meggie Mac, true conservative?

Two points. First, you might notice a verbal gaffe or two committed by our heroine. (She addressed that today on Twitter.) It’s a fair cop but hard for me to get worked about relative to MSNBC’s general sleaziness. If you want to knock her for something, knock her for being willing to share a network with this. Second, why hasn’t Bachmann done better among primary voters? Her claim about Gardasil and retardation was embarrassing and irresponsible, but that’s not going to singlehandedly sink a candidacy. She’s performed well at the debates and, unlike our two current frontrunners, boasts legit tea-party cred. The fact that she has just a few years of experience in government is no impediment — Cain has zero experience, proudly touts that fact, and was at 30 percent a month ago. So what’s the problem? Say what you will about Bachmann but it’s hard to imagine her reneging on a campaign promise. Not so with Gingrich or, especially, Romney. If Meggie is with her, who can be against her?

Exit question one: What’s with NBC hiring the children of famous people? MegMac, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush, Luke Russert. What special insight do they think they’re getting here? Exit question two via CBS: Does the tea party still matter?

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