Bombshell: "Newt is from the swamp," claims ... Kermit the frog

Via Mediaite. Yes, this actually happened on CNN today. Some of us cope with slow news days by tossing up atheist traffic bait, others pass the time by interviewing a man’s hand inside a green sock. I don’t judge, my friends. We do what we need to do to get by. My only regret is that they didn’t work the obvious Mitt Romney/Guy Smiley joke in there. Too obvious, perhaps?

In the interest of redeeming an irredeemably dumb post with actual news, here’s what Pew found when it tried to gauge the potential impact of Newt’s “humane” plan to legalize long-time illegals. The assumption has been that it wouldn’t matter much because there just aren’t that many illegals who have been here for many years. Fact check:

Gingrich drew the line at 25 years’ residency to qualify for legalization, but there ain’t no way no chance no how the bar would stay that high once Congress went to work on it. Coming soon to a Romney attack ad near you?

Exit quotation from Karl: “Next on CNN: Gingrich calls ‘Rainbow Connection’ profoundly socialist, destructive idea.”