Video: Mika Brzezinski pretty darned angry about Gingrich's OWS-baiting

Via News Busters, which notes a history of bad blood here. Even so, getting this upset about a bit of paint-by-numbers hippie-punching by, of all people, Newt Gingrich? As a dig at progressive demonstrators, “take a bath and get a job” was already stale circa 1970; it’s such a rote base pander that it’s hard to take completely seriously, yet here’s Mika seemingly in need of a therapist to help her cope. I used to get annoyed at Alan Grayson’s conservative-bashing but there comes a point where the schtick factor is so high that taking the bait leaves you feeling like a chump. Resist the bait, Mika.

The worst part of this, of course, is Brzezinski casually equating Gingrich’s dig at OWS protesters with an insult to “the 99 percent.” (“He’s telling the 99% to take a bath and get a job?”) Apparently we’re all part of the movement now, such that criticizing our noble representatives is tantamount to criticizing the population at large. Did I miss an election?