EU parliamentarian: Who are we to dictate to the Greek and Italian people?

Via the Corner, it’s Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party catching Hannan-esque viral video lightning in a bottle by telling off the EUrocracy to its face. Your companion reading for this clip is Niall Ferguson’s op-ed in the Journal over the weekend imagining the “United States of Europe” circa 2021, after Britain has quit the Union and Germany has all but purchased the southern half of the continent. How sustainable is that scenario, though? As German hegemony over its satellites states deepens, so will resentment within those states at the loss of democratic sovereignty. What happens when, after years of backstopping the PIIGS economically and receiving nothing but resentment in return, Germany suffers a fiscal or economic crisis of its own and Germans’ resentment at having to bankroll Europe finally explodes? Greek or Italian hypernationalism is bad; German hypernationalism is a problem for the Pentagon. Is President Rubio ready?