OWS to hold "Day of Action" tomorrow. What could go wrong? Update: "That's life," says Maxine Waters about crime at "Occupy" camps

They were planning to do something Thursday even before the eviction, but now that they’ve been ousted, they’ll be fired up and intent on showing their strength. Things could get interesting downtown even before you wake up: The first event is set for 7 a.m. in front of the Stock Exchange as protesters “confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic injustice.” Just stories? Journalist Harry Siegel, who’s been reporting for weeks on OWS, tweets, “I expect to see some seriously disruptive direct actions from #ows for the first time tomorrow — critical day for them, could be an ugly one.” I think he must be mistaken. Remember, for media purposes, any violence at an “Occupy” event or camp site is necessarily the product of “infiltrators,” not true members of the movement.

Incidentally, Siegel also penned one of the umpteen-thousand predictable analyses yesterday claiming that eviction had breathed new life into the movement. Meanwhile, if they hadn’t been evicted and a few dozen protesters had held on through the winter snow, the media would have spent the next three months writing love letters to their resilience and fortitude and claiming that that had breathed new life into the movement. The Cause will never die, therefore OWS can’t really die either. Every defeat is a step towards victory. In fact, for all the determined lefty spin on their behalf about how yesterday was some big win for them, the occupiers themselves seem pretty firm about continued occupation being key to the movement. Money quote: “We’re not lawless, but there are no laws. That’s our goal, to create a new form of society, a new form of community, where we don’t need external laws to tell us how to live.” Well put; like I said once before, it seems like OWSers have always been more about the “Occupy” than the “Wall Street” even though the reverse is true for their friends in the press. Which explains why the media can see eviction as a step forward while protesters are busy mourning the loss of their commune.

Two clips to put you in the mood, both via Verum Serum. The second is of Karl Rove uncharacteristically losing his cool when faced with an occupier screaming at him. The first is of another one of those “infiltrators” screeching about burning the city to the ground and maybe throwing a molotov cocktail through the window at Macy’s. (Content warning.) The NYPD arrested him this afternoon for making threats after they saw the clip; if not for VS promoting it last night, who knows what this guy would have been out on the streets doing tomorrow. Exit quotation: “I pick up garbage [for a living], and these were some of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced.”

Update: You know how those pesky “infiltrators” are — always infiltrating and causing distractions. Click the image to watch.