Matthews on why Republicans haven't settled on a candidate yet: "Hate"

Via News Busters, we need a palate cleanser and this is way, way too vintage an example of self-parody for me to ignore. Answering a question about the GOP with “hate” is never a bad idea at MSNBC, but couldn’t he at least have saved his rant about know-nothings and inexperience for a moment when Newt Gingrich, of all people, isn’t on the brink of becoming the frontrunner? It’s not “hate” that’s making the field chaotic, it’s ambivalence in deciding between an electable yet slippery guy from Massachusetts whom no one much likes or trusts and some less electable alternative who might gratify the base’s ideological id. Which is to say, it’s a lot like the Democrats’ dilemma was in 2004. And what plane of reality does Matthews inhabit where GOP voters are “not in the mood to fall in love with a candidate”? That’s exactly what they’re in the mood for. The Palin fans worship Palin, the Cain fans adore Cain, and pretty much everyone was ready to hug Perry when he jumped in and looked like he’d be the Romney-killer. It’s only because they’ve had their hearts broken over and over that they’re now wearily taking a second look at Gingrich. Good lord.

By the way, since when does Tingles much care about “respecting experience” and demanding “some knowledge of how you lead a government”? It wasn’t Obama’s executive kung fu that sent thrills up his leg.

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