Video: Unbearably creepy interview of the day; Update: Different guy in photo, says TMZ

You will sleep with a night light on tonight after watching this, I assure you. The interview’s from 1987; the earliest allegation of impropriety that I’m aware of came in 1995. But just this morning, CBS published an interview with a guy who was involved with Sandusky’s charity back in the late 80s when he was 10 years old. He wasn’t abused, he says — but there were some uncomfortable moments.

“He would put his hand on my thigh,” Craig says, “and he would just keep it there. Sometimes there would be a squeeze, but he would just keep it there, and it made me uncomfortable.”

There were, says Koehle, trips to Penn State games, standing on the sidelines, and picnics with Sandusky’s family.

Craig says he remembers “being in the team locker room and thinking that was neat.”…

“I knew when I was little that it was creepy and different, and I stand by that now,” Craig says. “I experienced nothing criminal or witnessed nothing criminal that he did.”

Assuming the charges against Sandusky are true, maybe that was the period when he first started indulging his impulse and hadn’t worked his way up to full-fledged assault yet. Or maybe he was already abusing other kids and Craig, luckily, was spared. We’ll know soon: The timeline’s bound to come into sharper focus over the next few weeks as more people speak up. Meanwhile, try to wrap your head around the fact that not only is Sandusky out on unsecured bail — thanks to a judge who, it turns out, once volunteered for his charity — but he’s apparently moving freely among the population. Don’t believe me? Check out this mind-boggling photo from TMZ. I don’t know where to begin: If TMZ’s correct, you’re looking at a guy who’s facing 40 counts in Pennsylvania related to child rape hanging out in another state, at an airport, apparently unescorted. It’s a flight risk/danger to the community/threat of vigilantism trifecta! Way to go, bail judge.

Exit question: Here’s Section 5701 of Pennsylvania’s statutes, which governs bail. How does subsection (2) not apply to Sandusky?

§ 5701. Right to bail.

All prisoners shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, unless:

(1) for capital offenses or for offenses for which the maximum sentence is life imprisonment; or

(2) no condition or combination of conditions other than imprisonment will reasonably assure the safety of any person and the community when the proof is evident or presumption great.

Update: The good news? Apparently, that’s not Jerry Sandusky in the photo linked above. The bad news? The real Sandusky’s still out on bail, inexplicably.

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