Bad news: New study shows conservatives far more likely to have antisocial personality disorders or something

Finally, an explanation for why tea-party rallies are so depraved while Occupy protests are run shipshape. Looks like we all owe Martin Bashir an apology for doubting him.

Baby, when the University of Tampa drops some science on you, you can take it to the bank.

The paper, by University of Tampa professor Marcus Arvan, claims to find “significant” correlations between key antisocial personality traits and bedrock conservative views, like opposition to gay marriage and support for capital punishment. Specifically, the research claims to find elements of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, also described as “deception,” among test subjects…

“The results should at least be a bit disturbing in a certain kind of way,” Arvan told…

He said the correlation was strongest on social issues, less so on economic positions. For instance, the study claimed opposition to gay marriage correlated with psychopathy

The study itself also clarified that exhibiting the traits is not necessarily indicative of a mental disorder, nor is it indicative of “morally bad” behavior. The study noted that narcissism can be positive to an extent, since it can “steel people against criticism and lead people to persevere in the face of long odds.”

Arvan declined to expound more broadly on the implications of his research, saying only that the research could raise questions “about the genesis” of some conservative judgments.

He described himself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal, and added, “This raises certain questions to me about my own view.”

Well, there you go. The guy’s psychotic. And, per the part about gay marriage, so is Obama, I guess. Study: Confirmed.

Apropos of nothing, via Breitbart TV, here’s a bunch of extremely non-psychotic liberals at Occupy Portland giving up twinkles to the idea that no one should report a sexual assault to the police unless the victim says so. I’m going to call that “The Sandusky Standard” in honor of the man of the hour. Exit question: If we’re looking to explain the real difference between tea-party rallies and Occupy protests, doesn’t this study pretty much cover it?