Finally: David Crosby and Graham Nash, live at Zuccotti Park

More old wine in new bottles. From Mark Steyn’s column this weekend:

America is seizing up before our eyes: The decrepit airports, the underwater property market, the education racket, the hyper-regulated business environment. Yet curiously the best example of this sclerosis is the alleged “revolutionary” movement itself. It’s the voice of youth, yet everything about it is cobwebbed. It’s more like an open-mike karaoke night of a revolution than the real thing. I don’t mean just the placards with the same old portable quotes by Lenin et al., but also, say, the photograph in Forbes of Rachel, a 20-year-old “unemployed cosmetologist” with remarkably uncosmetological complexion, dressed in pink hair and nose ring as if it’s London, 1977, and she’s killing time at Camden Lock before the Pistols gig. Except that that’s three and a half decades ago, so it would be like the Sex Pistols dressing like the Andrews Sisters. Are America’s revolting youth so totally pathetically moribund they can’t even invent their own hideous fashion statements? Last weekend, the nonagenarian Commie Pete Seeger was wheeled out at Zuccotti Park to serenade the oppressed masses with “If I Had a Hammer.” As it happens, I do have a hammer. Pace Mr. Seeger, they’re not that difficult to acquire, even in a recession. But, if I took it to Zuccotti Park, I doubt very much anyone would know how to use it, or be able to muster the energy to do so.

From Seeger to these guys. At least that’s movement in the right direction. By next week they’ll be getting visits from comparatively youthful fiftysomething folk singers looking to siphon off a bit of cultural currency by kibitzing with the heroes of the new revolution. Note to visiting artists: Don’t sleep over.

Four clips of “fun” with occupiers for all your palate-cleansing needs. The first is of Crosby and Nash, sans Stills; the second, via The Corner, depicts revolutionary tolerance at work; the third, via Breitbart TV, is self-explanatory; and the fourth shows Evan Coyne Maloney administering a pop quiz to occupiers. Enjoy. Content warning.