The whole world is watching: OWS protester talks about assaults inside the camp

Via Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, and Andrew Breitbart, who has this exactly right: “Mayor Bloomberg is allowing New York’s inmates to run the asylum.” Not only that, allegedly he’s sending extra inmates in. Remember, according to the Daily News, the NYPD is actually steering drunks and derelicts to Zuccotti Park to make life more dangerous for protesters in hopes that they’ll leave. OWS would have a problem with that regardless, as word’s bound to get around among the city’s homeless that there’s free eats and warm blankets downtown, but Bloomberg seems perfectly happy to let it go on and on. At best, he’s negligent about a threat to public safety; at worst, he’s complicit in it. What you’re looking at here, potentially, is an exhibit in the inevitable lawsuit against the city.

And things are getting worse. Even according to a lefty outfit like HuffPo:

There have been multiple incidents of assault, drug dealing and drug use, rape and attempted rape, according to conversations with numerous protesters. And the problem, they say, is getting worse.

In the past several weeks, the cluster of tents at the west end of the park — the farthest section from the bustle of working groups and activity near Broadway — has grown increasingly dangerous, many say. The sanitation team has reported finding needles in tents, and reports of crack and crystal meth use have surfaced. But the most serious concern most protesters say, is the risk of assault, especially for women and at night…

But disruptions abounded during Monday’s meeting [on how to deal with crime and violence in the park], illustrating a concern for many occupiers: Can the current consensus-driven decision-making process function as the group in Zuccotti grows larger.

“These people are telling you what to do!” an agitated man with a mohawk shouted out. “There are many dangerous things being spoken right now!”

The OWS interview is the first clip below. The second clip, also via Big Government, speaks for itself. And since we’re talking about casualties of the revolution here, spare a thought for these poor 99-percenters, who are now unemployed because OWS’s presence has forced the cops to all but shut down some streets near the occupation. Since they have no income now, maybe they can go over to the park and eat free. I hope they like spaghetti bolognese.