Bad news: 73% of Occupy Wall Street protesters disapprove of Obama's job performance

Perhaps there’s common ground here after all, my friends.

Well … no, perhaps not:

Thirty percent have full-time jobs, which is thirty percent more than I expected. But all’s not lost. There is in fact one point of semi-agreement between tea partiers and the ultraliberal “99 percent”: Neither group will be casting many votes for Barack Obama.

According to this poll, only 25 percent identify as Democrat. Eleven percent are socialists, 11 percent are Green Party, 12 percent are “something else,” two percent are GOP(!), and fully 39 percent say they don’t identify with any party. Most of those left-wing independents will hold their nose and vote O once the Dems’ “Romney is the new Hitler” message machine starts rolling but the true fringe types must be kicking themselves for not having started the OWS movement months ago, when they could have leveraged media momentum into a primary challenge against Obama. Now it’s too late because of ballot deadlines. The next best thing is if the protests start to grow next spring as the weather improves; as more liberals get sucked into them, the newly empowered movement will demand shows of allegiance from The One. The stronger they get, the more “OWS” may replace “Democrat” as a core political identity for some, and thus the greater the risk will be that a few will feel insulted and stay home in November if O refuses to placate them by tacking left. It’s tea-party-ish in that sense; the only question is whether they’ll bite the bullet on election day and vote for one of the two major parties, as tea partiers do, or go their own way. Quite frankly, it’s in their interest to stay home on election day next year. Like Jonah Goldberg says, to really succeed OWS needs a Republican president.

Two videos for you. One, from NRO’s Charles Cooke, chronicles today’s paper-airplane protest outside a bank in New York. After the Oakland chaos a few days ago, it’s almost charming to see them throwing only paper. The second, via Ed Driscoll, also has to do with Oakland. Watch as Lawrence O’Donnell tosses a softball question at a protester and gets an answer he really, really doesn’t want.