Hot new Internet meme: Vocalists who sound exactly like rock stars

A palate cleanser aimed squarely at the three or four readers who haven’t seen these two clips elsewhere this past week. Here’s background on the first guy, who’s the lead vocalist for a popular Christian band in Canada. This was his audition video for the “Queen Extravaganza” tour marking Queen’s 40th anniversary. I think he might make the cut. The second clip, via Gawker, comes from a Chilean talent show and is simply … unearthly. If you played me audio from the first vid and asked me if it was the real Freddie Mercury or an impostor, I might guess impostor. If you played me the second clip and asked me if it was Eddie Vedder or a soundalike, I’d guess Vedder all the way. It’s that good — probably the best vocal impersonation I’ve ever heard. If Vedder quit tomorrow and Pearl Jam needed another anguished baritone to mumble his way through lyrics, they wouldn’t miss a beat. Just hand this guy a flannel shirt and a chip for his shoulder and they’re set.

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