Ed Rollins: Unless she wins Iowa, Bachmann doesn't have the ability or the resources to contend

Why is this perfectly accurate statement of political reality newsworthy? Is it because some outlets are getting the quote wrong and claiming that he said she has no chance after Iowa, period? Is it because campaign advisors — even informal ones like Rollins — aren’t supposed to acknowledge the long odds against their candidate, even when those odds are apparent to all sentient beings watching? Or is it because Rollins has a history of shanking the people he works for (or used to work for) and this clip suggests there may be much, much more shanking to come? In fact, this segment was a lost opportunity for Mitchell. If it’s shanking she wanted, she should have followed up with him on his stunning ambivalence last week when Matthews pressed him on whether he thinks Bachmann should be president. First question: Why work for a candidate whom you’re not gung-ho to see elected?

Speaking of Bachmann’s liabilities, if you missed it in Headlines earlier read this CNN piece about how conservative rock star Nikki Haley supported a mandatory HPV vaccine for girls back when she was a state rep in South Carolina. She eventually turned against it because it didn’t include an opt-out — which means, in practice, she held the same position as Perry did in Texas. Very curious that Bachmann would be so chummy with her under those circumstances, given her abject horror at Perry’s menacing imposition on “innocent little 12-year-old girls.” But then, there have been a lot of curiosities lately.

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