Nightmare in Reno: At least 75 injured, 25 critically, in air-race disaster; Update: New video added

Sheer horror.

“It’s just like a massacre. It’s like a bomb went off,” said Dr. Gerald Lent of Reno, who witnessed the crash. “There are people lying all over the runway.”

The only thing the Korean War veteran could compare the scene to was combat.

“One guy was cut in half. There’s blood everywhere,” Lent said. “There’s arms and legs. One guy just said ‘hey, there’s another foot over here.”…

“The guy lost control, shot straight up into the air and came down into the people,” Echeverria said. “It hit full force, full throttle.”

Fox News is doing live coverage as I write this and ever more ominous reports at the scene are piling up on Twitter, so here’s your thread. The local medical authority says at least 75 people were injured, 25 critically, but won’t comment on deaths. A local radio station claims at least 12 are dead and 30 critically injured but who knows where those numbers will be in another few hours.

Here’s video of the crash, which also just aired on Fox. There’s no gore but it makes crystal clear how devastating the impact was. Beneath that is another video shot shortly afterward at the scene. As you might expect, there’s some profanity. Stand by for updates.

Update: Here’s the crash from another angle; you can seem some of the debris on the runway towards the end. Profanity here too, needless to say. Click the image to watch.