Oh my: Dems to spend $500,000 on ads in desperate bid to hold Weiner's seat

Granted, by NYC standards, this isn’t a Democratic stronghold. Kerry and Obama both won it, of course, but their share of the vote was only in the mid-50s. And granted, even if the GOP pulls out a win on Tuesday night, we’re probably not going to hold this seat in November. Weprin, the Democrat, is a terrible candidate; you may remember him as the guy who told a local paper a few weeks ago that he thought the national debt was only $4 trillion. If Bob Turner shocks the world, the city’s Democratic machine will find someone more impressive to challenge him in November.

But never mind all that. Imagine the sweetness of the inevitable GOP talking point if dissatisfaction with Obama is now causing even blue districts in New York City to flip. Mmm mmm good. According to a Magellan poll taken a few days ago showing Turner up four points, The One’s approval rating in the district is a robust 36/52. No wonder the DCCC is worried:

Democrats are showing the clearest sign yet of concern ahead of next Tuesday’s special election in New York’s 9th District – the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going up on air with an expensive television buy in the campaign’s closing days.

According to buy information obtained by Hotline On Call, the DCCC has made a $483,500 TV ad buy in the district, starting tomorrow through Monday. The broadcast TV buy will not air on September 11, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Democratic super PAC House Majority PAC has also bought advertising time in the district as well.

The punchline? They’ve already had to pull the ad they were planning to run. It involved a jet (which was supposed to be Turner’s corporate jet) flying low over New York City — just the sort of spot you’d want to run during a week when everyone’s mind is on 9/11. Meanwhile, influential Brooklyn assemblyman Dov Hikind — who, like Weprin, is both a Democrat and Orthodox Jewish — turned around yesterday and endorsed … Turner. He’d been hinting at that for months due to his disagreement with Weprin over gay marriage, but when the time came for the endorsement, he let it all hang out:

“Mr. Turner’s background as a businessman gives him a unique advantage in dealing with the major financial crisis in this country,” Hikind said at a press conference in Flatbush. “His business acumen will be a welcome asset in trying to reduce the federal deficit.” Hikind also cited hios belief that electing a Republican in the heavily Democrat Brooklyn and Queens district will “send a message to President Obama about his failed, disastrous economic policies and his reckless policies toward Israel.”

So that’s the state of Hopenchange in fall 2011 — essentially a punchline used by Democrats against other Democrats inside New York City. Perfection.

This calls for a little dancing. Exit question: If Turner wins, will the Democrats’ next nominee in the district be … Anthony Weiner?