Video: Dylan Ratigan freaks out over the debt deal

Via The Blaze and Naked Capitalism, not even Olby reached heights quite this Beale-esque during his Special Comment slow burns. You won’t agree with every word, but if you’re wondering where his shrieking frustration is coming from, let me toss a few numbers at you from today’s polls. Ahem:

* Just 26 percent have confidence that Washington can solve the country’s economic problems. For Obama, the number is 33 percent; for congressional Republicans, it’s 18.

* Fully 78 percent are dissatisfied with America’s political system.

* 73 percent think the country’s on the wrong track and 47 percent think the worst is yet to come economically, the highest number since March 2009.

* A mere 10 percent say they approve of how Congress is doing its job, an all-time low and three points lower than Congress’s approval immediately after TARP. Disapproval is at 81 percent, also a new record.

* 60 percent, including majorities in both parties, want the Super Committee to reach a deal even if it’s a deal they personally disagree with. Majorities also want the deal to include new tax hikes on the rich and cuts to domestic (non-defense) spending.

And with that, the stage is set for five minutes of magic. One other thing to bear in mind when he starts screaming about how Obama should attack our “bought Congress”: Is he suggesting that there aren’t many, many special interests who have purchased a claim on the White House too? I know a few union chiefs who’d be surprised to hear that.

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