Open thread: President to solve nation's problems in 140 characters or less

What better way to spend a slow summer afternoon than on a White House campaign gimmick aimed at pandering to young voters? Livestreaming at 2 p.m. ET, it’s the Twitter Town Hall, where the questions are limited to 140 characters but the answers will go on — and on, and on — for as long as The One’s train of thought can carry him. You can submit a question yourself by using the hashtag #AskObama; Republican lawmakers, including Paul Ryan, have already availed themselves. The best question thus far, though, came from the other side of the aisle, surprisingly. Follow the link to see what it is — and who posed it. When Trumka said he’d had a “snootful of that sh*t” from the administration, I guess he wasn’t kidding.

Click here to watch. A tough constitutional question on the debt ceiling or the War Powers Act would alone make this worth watching, but since part of this exercise is to brand a guy who’s overseeing a ruinous entitlement load as somehow the “candidate of the young,” we’re bound to see some oddball, lighter-side crap too. In fact, check out the word cloud of Twitter questions for O from Detroit. The most troubled major city in America, and yet the topic du jour is … UFOs. What a waste. Now, a Robocop question — that would have been worthwhile.

Update: Not seeing a livestream at the link above, so watch here instead.

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