Video: The greatest climate-change ad ever?

To truly enjoy this you need to have seen Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad, but since pretty much everyone in America already has, I think we’re safe. Credit where it’s due: Even if you hate the message, this is major progress in how greens advertise their cause. Not so long ago, if a kid showed up in a PSA about global warming, chances are he was being brutally killed. Now we’ve got happy tykes dressed up as Darth Vader and Chewbacca and running around with lightsabers. Progress, my friends. Cherish it.

Makes me so cheery — and climate-aware! — that I want to cut ’em a check or put in a compost bin or get sterilized or something. Exit question: There’s only one thing standing between the green movement and a truly effective rebranding, isn’t there?