Finally: College Democrats of America explain why they're Democrats

The clip’s not three minutes long, but there’s so much comic material to be mined that it managed to inspire both an Ace top ten list and a 10-minute segment on Glenn Beck.

Why I’d want to be a Democrat if I were 20 years old right now: Because I enjoy paying into an entitlement system that totally rips me off.

Via Reason, your perhaps-not-unrelated graph of the day. Note the age breakdown:

When asked how she’s planning to take back the House next year, Pelosi said, “Our three most important issues: Medicare, Medicare and Medicare.” That’s how sure she is that these free-thinkin’ young Democrats, on whom Obama’s counting to turn out en masse a la 2008 to push him over the top in swing states, will in fact turn out and vote for a generational health-care subsidy to the tune of 25 cents on the dollar. And you know what? I bet they will, too. Click the second image to watch.

Why I’m a Democrat from Rob Flaherty on Vimeo.