Dreams do come true: "Dinner with Barack" fundraising gimmick now to include Joe Biden

This feels like the punchline to a joke. “First prize is dinner with the president. Second prize is dinner with the president and Joe Biden.” Is there any American anywhere — Dover and Wilmington included — who was planning to pass on this contest but, now that Biden’s in the mix, is ready to pop for five bucks to enter? They could have added almost anyone from the administration to make it more interesting — Hillary, Gates, Leon Panetta (Bin Laden gossip!). Instead they added a guy who inspires jokes like this. But if we’re going to let him shape our Afghanistan policy and oversee debt-ceiling negotiations, I suppose including him in lame fundraising stunts is only right.

And before anyone says that Hillary or Gates can’t be part of the contest because they’re not part of O’s campaign, kindly see Jim Geraghty’s post. The line separating government operations from Obama 2012 is getting thinner by the day. But you already knew that.