Coulter: Why not Senator Palin?

Via Mediaite. Granted, AC’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Chris Christie, but I’ve floated this idea before myself. Arizona makes sense superficially, but the media there would use a Palin candidacy as an excuse to revisit the ridiculous “crosshairs map” nonsense after the Tucson shootings. Why not take on Mark Begich instead when his seat comes up next year? Alaska’s a red state at heart and she’s the world’s most famous Alaskan conservative, and there’s enough bad blood with Begich that she’d probably relish bumping him off. I’ve seen polls showing her favorable rating down even back home, but those numbers are less credible than national numbers: Alaska’s always been hard to poll accurately and surely she earned some new goodwill from promoting the state in her TLC series. If she knocked off Begich, she could follow Hillary’s path by building policy cred in the Senate and then launch a run in either 2016 (if Obama’s reelected) or 2020 (if he isn’t). She’ll be just 56 in 2020, in fact, which is five years younger than Hillary was when she ran in 2008.

Or maybe she’ll roll the dice and run for president now. RCP reports that “The Undefeated” will debut in Iowa next Tuesday, the day after Bachmann formally announces her campaign in Waterloo. No word yet on whether she’ll attend, but ask Romney what happens to a presidential launch when the media gets wind of an imminent Sarah Palin appearance.

Update: Whoops, brain freeze on my part. Begich isn’t up until 2014. For some reason I was thinking he was elected in 2006. Apologies for the mistake.