Fiasco: Weiner heckled while announcing resignation

He could have released a statement and been done with it but I guess one press-conference fiasco wasn’t enough. I actually felt bad for him watching it — despite him allegedly foisting nob photos on unsuspecting women, despite his shameless, indignant lies afterward about being hacked, despite his callous jokes and personal nastiness to people who pressed him for details, and despite his sleazy demagoging of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” as the real culprit. Even Bill Clinton — Bill Clinton — is supposedly livid. Under the circumstances, the guy could have been spared five minutes to immolate what’s left of his ego without being hooted at. Ah well. For a pol who, until recently, was known for his media savvy, he forgot the first rule of NYC pressers: Make sure there are no Stern people in the room.

Ben Smith notes that parts of this sounded like a campaign speech, which suggests he may already be plotting his next move. I’m sure he is. He’ll be back. Strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape sh*t.

Update: He had already banked $4.5 million in donations for his looming mayoral campaign. But for one mistweeted bulge photo, this guy might have been running New York in two years.

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