Oh my: Dem caucus meeting turns angry over Weiner

That’s the good news. The better news? They’re meeting again tomorrow and may call for a vote to strip him of his committee assignments, which will only further antagonize the left’s dumb “you’re only hating on Anthony because he stands up for our ideals” wing.

Hopefully he’ll find comfort in the fact that some people are giving his ideological “package” due credit.

Those tensions spilled out in a private Democratic Caucus meeting Tuesday when New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell laid out his views on the right and wrong ways to handle allegations of wrongdoing by a member of the caucus. He said he understands the need for certain Democrats — party leaders and those whose reelections could be affected by the scandal — to call on Weiner to resign, but then, by implication, scolded Pennsylvania Rep. Allyson Schwartz for jumping ahead of leadership last week when she told POLITICO that Weiner should step down and followed up with a round of national television interviews…

It grew so heated that many lawmakers left the meeting voluntarily, and aides were kicked out to try to prevent leaks…

Schwartz, the clear but unidentified target of Pascrell’s remarks, rose to defend herself during the meeting. She explained that she had been in a lawyer’s office in New York, dealing with her recently deceased father’s will, when she heard that Weiner had acknowledged “sexting” with six women over the course of three years. Schwartz, who is an advocate for women’s rights, was disgusted by Weiner’s behavior and felt he should resign. Without checking in with House leaders, she said, she decided to make her feelings public.

That made Pascrell even more upset: He would have preferred coordination — at least an effort to make sure it was the message party leaders and Weiner’s rank-and-file colleagues wanted.

National Journal looked at his financial disclosures tonight and concluded that the poor guy is sufficiently bad off that he can’t cruise into early retirement. He needs to work, assuming he can find a job in Hopenchange America. Which makes me wonder: Isn’t there a mutually satisfactory solution in the offing here? The Democrats want him out of Congress; Weiner wants a steady income. There’s one person who’s perfectly positioned to cut a check and make both sides happy. How about it, Nancy?

Here’s the Ginger Lee/Gloria Allred trainwreck in case you missed it at Mediaite earlier. Like Ace, I’m confounded by her claim that she didn’t reciprocate any of Weiner’s sexual overtures in their chats. She has no reputation to protect so there’s no obvious reason for her to lie, but she’s also been known to say — publicly — “I want to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner” and “He can get buck wild anytime I’m around.” He finally noticed her and sent her an e-mail, which escalated into sexual come-ons, and her response was to … try to steer the conversation back around to the debt ceiling or something? Every conversation? Huh. Behold the world’s most cerebral, politically focused former porn star.