Breaking news: Still no news whatsoever from Palin e-mails; Update: "No big bombshells"

No, just kidding. The media is indeed coming up with important scoops each hour. Here’s a bombshell that dropped at Bloomberg shortly after 3 p.m.:

WaPo’s also chasing a hot lead that Palin really is Trig’s mother. Matt Welch of Reason surfed around this afternoon and found that her e-mails were the top story at the websites of the New York Times, the LA Times (“The archive will continue to grow”!!!), the Post, USA Today, and even the Wall Street Journal, thus prompting the question of whether this is a slow news day which the media is using Palin to fill or whether it only seems like a slow news day because the media simply isn’t covering anything else. The front page at MSNBC as I write this:

If you click the “Latest Updates” link it brings you here, where the latest news is that Palin was thinking about being VP even before McCain started looking at her. And to think, some of you guys thought this creepy media feeding frenzy wouldn’t yield anything good. Did you see how Jon Stewart mocked the press last night for focusing on Weinergate to the exclusion of all sorts of other important news? Well, I guess this is the “important news” for which they decided it was finally time to shift gears.

Stick with Hot Air throughout the day as we continue to follow new developments in this critical, fast-moving story. Or, if you prefer, stick with the Guardian; when it comes to sifting through crushingly mundane e-mails about Palin’s daily schedule as governor, I prefer the urbane analysis of international coverage. While we wait for new bombshells to burst, here’s Rush Limbaugh reflecting on America’s first-ever crowdsourced oppo research operation. Exit question via Dave Weigel: When do we get to see Barack Obama’s e-mails as state senator? Click the image to watch.

Update: There are 24,000 e-mails to review so Palin-haters can hold onto hope for a while longer, but Politico’s ready to pronounce the early hours a total bust:

Reporters lined up in Juneau and in front of computers across the country spent the afternoon poring over 24,000 newly released emails from Sarah Palin’s first year and a half as governor, hoping for a bombshell.

But none immediately emerged.

Many of the emails deal with the mundane business of government. Others show her corresponding with aides, admirers and members of her administration about everything from her views on dinosaurs to fisheries policy.

Rest assured, a “bombshell” will emerge even if it isn’t an actual bombshell bringing to light some important, heretofore unknown fact. The press isn’t going to hype this crowdsourcing to the insane extent that they have and end up with Al Capone’s vault. If need be, they’ll choose some uninteresting e-mail from the batch and declare it to be important and scandalous and proof that the whole effort was worthwhile. Take it to the bank.

Says Jonah Goldberg, “it’s amazing to watch liberals/MSM have a fiesta setting precedents that’ll burn their asses for years to come.”