It's come to this: Wisconsin liberals protest Scott Walker at ... Special Olympics ceremony

Via the MacIver Institute and Ann Althouse, who marvels at the PR savvy of people attempting to get good press by protesting at a Special Olympics event. Coming soon, presumably: SEIU crashes Walker’s appearance at a local retirement home, then AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka shows up to heckle him as he visits the ER of a children’s hospital. Keep fightin’, guys. Don’t let any handicapped kids stand in the way of “income equality.”

Meanwhile, remember last week’s hair-raising post about how Wisconsin’s General Accountability Board was dragging its feet on certifying the three recall elections against Democrats? Somehow they managed to certify six elections against Republican senators but had to request a court extension in order to find time to consider the petitions against Democrats. They got the extension, and tonight all three elections were certified. I’ll leave you to follow that last link and read our resident Wisconsin expert, Steve Eggleston, for further details, but don’t celebrate too much. Walker and the GOP leadership are sufficiently worried about Democrats taking back the state senate that they’re racing to pass their agenda items before seats start changing hands. Exit quotation from majority leader Scott Fitzgerald: “If some major issue hasn’t been taken care of, voters wouldn’t be as motivated.”