Quotes of the day

“On Thursday, Mr. Weiner declared that he would no longer discuss the matter.

“Throughout this period, Mr. Weiner mislead even those closest to him, telling a handful of longtime advisers what he had told the public — that his Twitter account had been hacked into, and that he did not send the explicit photo…

“By Monday morning, those close to him said, he simply staggered under the weight of the media attention, the impending revelations from Mr. Breitbart and his own deceit.”

“It was a profoundly squalid and offensive pattern of conduct, admitted only after some of the photographs began to emerge on the Web. It also raises serious questions about his judgment and character, considering that he was once considered one of the savvier members of the House.

“Had it not occurred to him, in an era of unending sexual scandal, that repeatedly sending these kinds of photographs to strangers would eventually catch up with him? And that, if it did, his attempt to exploit his political celebrity for online sexual gratification would be considered reprehensible? This was a man who had hoped to lead the City of New York as mayor, a dream that now seems unimaginable.”

“The private citizens of Queens voted to make Anthony Weiner a public citizen and their Representative. They assumed he would show judgment not for himself alone but for them and their interests.

“Instead, he has shattered his ability to serve their interests. In an age of aggressive computer hacking, he also put himself at risk of blackmail by criminals or adversaries. His week of fantastic lies proved how vulnerable he or any public figure is to selling out his integrity to save himself from humiliation.

“Anthony Weiner now joins a disturbing list of elected officials in our time who’ve lost any sense of self-discipline. If there are others out there wandering in the confused ethers that trapped Anthony Weiner, we have a request: Get out now. Spare the rest of us.”

“‘I don’t know what I was thinking,’ he said. ‘This was destructive thing to do. I apologize for doing it.'”

“After being asked several times, he apologized directly to the media, and to the man who had unexpectedly served as his warm-up act.

‘I apologize to Andrew Breitbart,’ Weiner said.”