Martin Bashir: I think Palin might be breaking federal law by putting the flag on her bus or something; Update: MSNBC flag videos added

In case you missed it yesterday at Newsbusters. No surprises here, of course: If you saw Bashir’s ridiculous interview with Breitbart last month, you already know what he thinks of outspoken conservatives. Palin must be guilty of something; all he needs to do is come up with some offense and charge her for it. I’m surprised he didn’t go ABC’s route and obliquely accuse her of financial hypocrisy instead. Via JWF:

When asked, twice, how much her “One Nation Tour” has cost four days into the trip, she got visibly irritated.

“Check,” she said. “I don’t know why in the world you would ask a question like that. I’m just thinking about America and our foundations and our freedoms and our opportunities. Why would you ask something …”

ABC News pointed out that she often talks about the economy and how much money we’re spending.

“What does our economy have to do with how much we’re — I’m not asking you to pay for a penny of this trip,” she said.

Ending tourism as we know it is a core plank of the fiscal conservative message according to ABC, I guess. As for Bashir’s mumbling, his own network was known in recent years to intertwine its corporate logo with a graphic of a fluttering American flag. But maybe MSNBC’s exempt from the “no flag advertisements” rule, since they’re standing up for truth ‘n stuff. Exit question: Seriously, is she running or isn’t she? RCP’s sources said this morning that the bus tour will now include stops in South Carolina along with Iowa and New Hampshire. Later Palin herself told ABC that she plans to return to Alaska after the east coast swing of the tour ends and then to re-launch it on the west coast. Sure sounds like she’s in — except that, according to Ben Smith, she met with Fox News execs this afternoon and there’s still no change in her status as a contributor “right now.” Maybe she told them she’s still genuinely undecided but leaning towards yes, with a decision to come shortly? Over/under on an announcement: July 1.

Update: Reason TV administers the coup de grace.